The aluminium forging company

BE | China Forging Co. Ltd. is the latest addition to Bons & Evers Holding.
We are based in Lingang/Fungxian District which is about 70 Km from the city centre of Shanghai China.
Our company was founded in November 2016.
The strategic decision to start our business in Shanghai China was based on the fact that there is a growing demand for aluminium forged products in the automotive industry, and the fact that the automotive industry shows the largest potential in Asia and China.
BE | China Forging Co. Ltd. is specialized in the production of forged and machined aluminium parts for the automotive and power industry.

BE | China Forging Co Ltd

The aluminium specialist

As a new member of our mother company Bons & Evers Holding, we do not have to start-up our new company from scratch.
Bons & Evers Holding has two other aluminium specialists in the group, BE | Aluschmiede in Geisingen Germany, and BE | Alutech in Kallo Hungary.

Being strongly supported by our other two above mentioned sister companies, BE | China Forging will be strongly supported by the technology, experience, and procedures persently in place at these sister companies.

BE | China Forging personnel will be thoroughly trained and supported by the two above mentioned sister companies, both in Germany, Kallo and in Lingang Shanghai.

This will ensure a short start-up phase for BE | China forging, and assure us of qualified and well educated personel in our new production faclity.

Our core competences

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Optimization of product design, production processes, and tooling

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The assembly of machined parts into components

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The machining of forged aluminium parts

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Hot forging

The hot forging of aluminium



The most suitable choice of material specifically for our customers application